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De-Constructing Language, Columbia GSAPP
Augmented Reality tool (AR)


Urechi Oguguo


Lexi Tsien
Jelisa Blumberg

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How does language challenge perception?

Each time you use language, you reveal something about who
you are. Language is a tool which we all use to achieve different
purposes so it can and will be abused. As much as it is used to
communicate culture + signify identity, it will also been used as a powerful tool of exclusion and for this reason, it holds inherent
bias. This exercise analyses the language used in media/news reporting /popular culture to describe social, cultural and political events in order to expose the importance of language in our understanding of history, current events, and how its
shapes our politics and perception of the world.

How can language Augment Reality?

This tool is an Augmented Reality mobile app called Trutopia that allows for users to ‘mark-up’ their surrounding by altering existing language, proposing new ones, and discovering augmented realties created by other app users in their area. Trutopia, is a combination of the words “truth” and “utopia”. It refers to a truthful state or location beyond our present reality. This app can be used in any instance where accurate or additional information is needed.

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