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Preserving the Brain, 2X4
Architecture and Exhibition Design

Studio: 2x4

Urechi Oguguo, Architecture

Design Directors:
Chris Kupski, Architecture
Sung Kim, Branding + Graphics


I assisted with the exhibition design for "Preserving the Brain," an exhibit which was developed as part of a forum on neurodegenerative diseases. Collaborating closely with the architectural design director, we aimed to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience for visitors. The exhibition design is divided into different sections supervised by the research centers, and a common central area that encourages dialogue and exchanges between thirteen science institutes. 

My role involved translating the conceptual ideas into tangible exhibition spaces using both physical and digital models as means to explore. My team and I developed a cohesive layout that seamlessly guided visitors through the various sections. By considering factors such as spatial arrangement, lighting, medical machinery, and interactive elements, we aimed to enhance the overall narrative and engagement within the exhibition.

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