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Qatar Museum - Venice Biennale Architettura, 2x4 
Architecture and Exhibition Design

Studio: 2x4

Urechi Oguguo, Architecture
Claudia Frantantonio, Graphics

Design Directors:
Chris Kupski, Architecture
Florian Mewes, Graphics

For this project, I had the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition design commissioned by the Qatar Museum as part of the 2023 Venice Architectural Biennale. My role encompassed a range of responsibilities to curate and design the immersive experience.

The exhibition consisted of five relatively small rooms and a long, narrow corridor. Its purpose was to trace the remarkable journey of the Qatar Museum since its inception in 2005, highlighting five ambitious cultural projects planned for 2030. To bring this vision to life, I collaborated closely with the architects involved in these projects, coordinating the collection and curation of their assets for the exhibition. I played a pivotal role in creating the technical drawing set, renderings, and other design communication materials. These visual representations, coupled with my series of design presentations, effectively conveyed the spatial design ideas to all internal and external teams involved. Additionally, I worked alongside our production partners in Venice, ensuring that the designs were executed within our designated budget and scope.

By blending creative design, coordination, and effective communication, we successfully crafted a memorable and insightful exhibition for the Venice Architectural Biennale.

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